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My new profile picture.

Having just joined my husband in the Andrew JL Ansell Photographic team, it was time to update my profile picture. The irony of being a photographer’s wife is that I really don’t like having my photograph taken – of course! That’s why most photos you see of me are the back of my head, or me hiding behind something. My children come in handy for this – I use them as a shield! However, a blurry photo of me running away from the camera just isn’t going to do, so I put on my big girl pants and put myself in front of the camera.

How do you get a profile picture of a camera-phobic?

OK, so maybe phobic is a bit strong, but I’d rather go to the dentist. I told Andrew I wanted a photo that looked like me. After he positioned me in front of the backdrop and checked the lighting, He fired off a few frames, making tiny adjustments to my position. “Put your chin down slightly! Good. Now move your head to the right just a bit, but keep your eyes looking at the camera”. A little bit more of this, and checking with me if the images on the camera back looked ok, and it was over and done with. Overall, it was a very painless experience – I even laughed and smiled! I also love the finished photo. It’s already on my Instagram profile!

Profile picture - headshot photography Edinburgh

So what do you wear for your profile picture?

This is mostly common sense, with a little bit of thought. You want to look like yourself, and put over the right message for your business. If you work in a creative industry, a business suit might not be the best thing. On the flip side, if you wear a suit for work everyday, you might not want a profile picture of you wearing a t-shirt. I don’t wear a lot of make-up so I didn’t go and get a full face done for the photo. I just wouldn’t look like me! If you’re always made up, even to take the bins out, do the same for your photo. Use it as an excuse to get your make up done professionally! Same goes for hair, if you like a “just done” look, pop to your hairdresser or barber first, but don’t if it’s just not “you”.

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