You’re thinking about a photograph of your family but wondering “How does the children’s portrait pop-up studio work?”. Let me guess, you have a child who doesn’t sit still for one second, and you’re wondering what sort of chaos a studio photoshoot will result in! With two active boys of my own, I know exactly how you feel – and so does Andrew! That’s why the pop-up studio is geared to children, to let them explore and get used to the space, so you get the end result that you want – beautiful images that show your children as they really are. As time goes on, many of our regulars are looking for a more “grown-up” portrait, but there is always time to have some fun!

Why “pop-up” studio, and why do you run it at home?

We have a full professional photo studio, with 3m backdrops and studio lighting. The whole set-up is portable, so we can store the equipment and set it up where and when we need to. We could hire a hall for the pop-up studio, but to keep costs down for our customers, we run it in our home in Morningside. This has the added advantage of saving us time as we don’t have to transport the equipment to another venue. The end result is a high quality professional shoot at an affordable price. That’s what I call a win-win situation!

What if my child doesn’t like the studio?

Pop-up studio appointments have plenty time to let your child get used to the space. Coming in to a room with a big backdrop and studio lights can be a bit scary to anyone, so there is time to sit on the sofa and have a chat if your child wants to stay close to you at first. We have a toy and book shelf that they can go and explore at any time during the shoot. You might want to bring a favourite toy with you for smaller children. Our oldest is always on hand with a surprise distraction which usually helps to settle the most anxious little ones!

What if my child won’t sit still for their photo?

The short answer is, they don’t have to! One of Andrew’s early memories was being taken to a photo studio as a toddler. He was told to sit down and not to move while the photographer snapped away at a confused and uncomfortable little boy! As a result, our studio experience is the opposite of this. Your children are free to jump about, sit down, stand up, play with the toys – whatever they feel like! When they feel free to express themselves, you get a photograph that truly reflects who they are.

When can I sign up for a pop-up studio session?
Booking for the 2018 pop-up studio is now open! You’ll find dates and prices on our main pop-up studio page. Follow our Facebook or Instagram pages for updates.
If you’re looking for a family photographer at any other time of the year, either studio or on location, have a look at our main family portrait photography page or message Andrew for more information!  


Children's portrait photography

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