The studio can be a pretty intimidating environment for small people. Little things matter in a big white room, with strange equipment and strong lights. We have experience of dealing with anxious little ones, and nervous adults too.

The flashing lights, the beeps, the big white paper backdrop and the man with the big massive camera can all seem quite scary no matter what age you are (although I don’t think I’m too scary!).

From time to time I have a little customer in who reacts to all of these things. The message to parents is: please don’t worry about it. The most important thing is to make the subject feel welcome in the studio. There is a box of noisy things to play with and a shelf with books and toys that are there to be explored. I allow plenty of time for each shoot so there is time to get used to the surroundings and settle in. Our Christmas pop-up shoots still have a full 45 minutes per session – we won’t rush you in and out!

I always recommend bringing a teddy, rabbit or robot – anything familiar that will make the space feel a bit warmer and safer.

There is always time to play games, sing songs, read a story and definitely always time for a cuddle!


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