You’re in the middle of your wedding planning and you’ve never hired a photographer before. Here are 5 things to do before you book your wedding photographer to give you a head start!

1. Set your budget.

The budget for photographers can often be forgotten about in the excitement of deciding to get married. Plan out your budget for everything that you want, no matter how small. It’s often the little things that add up – favours, presents for your helpers and family, invitations, colouring books for small guests…Get it all down on paper, decide your budget and work out what you’re willing to spend.

2. Research wedding photographers.

This is the fun bit! Let your fingers do the walking, and search the internet for photographers who are local to you, or if you’re having a destination wedding, look for photographers local to your venue. Wedding fairs can save you some time as you’ll get to see and talk to several in an afternoon, but be aware that you’re only likely to get the wedding fair discount if you’re prepared to book and pay a deposit on the day. If you don’t like to feel pressured into making a quick decision, stick to internet research.

3. Find out prices of your short list.

Some photographers will publish their price list on their website, but for others you’ll have to ask. Don’t be shy about asking, any photographer should be happy to provide you with a price list with no obligation to book. If there are photographers that you really love but you can’t afford a full day, think about booking them for a half day instead.

4. Finalise your wedding date with venue and celebrant.

Don’t get your heart set on a particular photographer until you get your date nailed down. Once you have your chosen venue and celebrant confirmed, then you can start to book other suppliers and check with photographers if they have your date available.

5. Meet  your wedding photographer before you book.

The last step – make sure you meet your photographer before you pay your deposit and finalise the booking. You have to be comfortable working with someone for something as personal as your wedding photos, and any good photographer will want to meet you before you book. Don’t worry if you’re at different ends of the country (or even the world!), meeting via Skype can be just as good.

Finished all 5 steps? Then what are you waiting for, book today!


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