Bridal boutique sample sales

Bridal dress boutiques have regular sample sales, usually just before their new season stock arrives. Some of them often have samples for sale throughout the year. It’s worth finding out when these sample sales are, then booking an appointment to try some of them on. You may have less choice of sizes, but most samples can be altered to fit. Follow Edinburgh Weddings on Instagram for news about local events.

If you’re not bothered about having a new dress, try checking out specialist charity shops. The British Red Cross shop in Edinburgh’s Stockbridge has a large bridal section.

Wedding Flowers and Favours

The most photographed flowers are the bridal party bouquets, so it’s worth using your budget to have these professionally made. Savings can be made with table centrepieces, which you or a talented friend could do yourselves. If you’re not the floral art type, succulents are big for 2018. Little pots of different succulents make a interesting and simple table centrepiece, and they can double up as favours for your guests. That’s a big saving right there!

Wedding Venue Cancellations

If you can be flexible about your date and venue, keep your eye out for cancellation offers. Occasionally people have to postpone their wedding for various reasons (not always bad!), and venues may offer those dates at a knock-down price.  Follow your fav venues on social media and be ready to snap up those bargains, but be quick!

Wedding Photography Packages

Some photographers will refuse to consider anything less that a full day wedding package, but we’re not one of them! Booking a half-day wedding package, or an elopement package for small, intimate weddings, is a great way of getting the professional wedding photos to document your day without breaking the budget.

Local Facebook Groups

People often sell wedding props, bridesmaids dresses and other odds and ends on Facebook groups after their wedding. It’s worth joining a few groups to see what’s on offer. If buying pre-loved doesn’t appeal to you, think about selling some of your own wedding items when your done to recoup some of the costs!


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