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The grooms hand in hand at the Apex Grassmarket Hotel, Edinburgh

If I was to take away one stand out memory from this big day it would be the two grooms storming down the aisle hand in hand to Beyonce! Chris and Derek looked great in their matching kilts.

The Apex Grassmarket Hotel was an amazing setting for this fabulous event. Having a huge view of Edinburgh Castle from the ‘Heights’ venue on the top floor just set the whole thing off serving as a spectacular backdrop for wedding portraits. The windows also provided incredible lighting during the meal and speeches as the sun was setting.  I left just after the cake cutting and first dance as usual but the Apex suite was already starting to party!

Incidentally,  while the wedding party were having the meal I was downstairs in the Apex restaurant having the Aberdeen Angus burger which I highly recommend! One of the things I never do is photograph during the food – people don’t really want to see themselves eat – so I usually disappear and have a break – a quick chance to refuel and look over the images I’ve got already. Also I get a chance to skulk around the venue and try and find any unexplored corners that would make good backgrounds!

Anyway, Happy first anniversary you two, I had a great time!


Chris and Derek share a moment as newlyweds on the balcony of the Apex Grassmarket Hotel, with Edinburgh Castle in the background

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