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You’re planning your wedding – you’ve probably never hired a photographer before, so you’re asking yourself how do I choose a wedding photographer?
You’ll know more about choosing other aspects of your wedding. We all know what kind of food we love, where we like to go and what we like to wear, so choosing the food, the venue, even choosing your dress or suit – these are all things we’re used to doing, so deciding what to have for our wedding can be the fun bit!
Budget, style, experience and personality all come into choosing a wedding photographer, and if you’ve never hired a photographer before you might be worried about getting it right. That’s where Andrew comes in – he’s very easy to talk to and happy to answer any questions you have!


Why hire a professional wedding photographer?

Well, I could write all day about this! It very much depends on the kind of wedding you’re having, but basically if you hire a professional wedding photographer all your guests can relax and not feel they have to spend your day behind their camera. If you’re having a big wedding and have spent lots of time getting it just right, you will want someone with an experienced eye to capture the look you’ve worked so hard on. Remember how you agonised over each tiny detail?
For a more intimate wedding, especially a destination wedding where you and your guests have all traveled to be there, you want someone who knows your location to capture those precious memories forever.  Overall, someone with experience will be able to look after you throughout your day.

What are local wedding photographer’s prices?

It’s the old “how long is a piece of string?” question. There is no industry standard for independent photographer’s prices, so each photographer will have their own price structure, ranging from the very cheap hobbyist to the top of the range professional.  Getting the best photographer you can afford doesn’t always mean blowing the budget though. If you can’t afford a full-day wedding package with your chosen photographer, have a think about a half-day package. If you’re wedding is midweek or at a quieter time of year, you may be able to negotiate a few hours of really good photography rather than hiring a cheap photographer for the whole day. Have a look at our wedding price list to give you an idea.
Here at Andrew JL Ansell Photographic, we’re always happy to answer any question you have, before you book and after – just get in touch!

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