Planning your wedding?

There are so many options for wedding transport out there, how do you choose the solution that suits you best? Once you’ve booked your venue or venues, you can start to work out the logistics of getting people around. Think about getting both bride and groom’s parties to the ceremony. If you’re all staying in the venue overnight and having the whole wedding in one place, do you want to have some time away from the venue as newlyweds, or drive off to have some photos done? Will your guests need transport from the ceremony to the reception? Once you’ve worked all that out, you can concentrate on the fun bit. Vintage cars? Modern eco cars? Buses? Horse and carriage? It’s all out there, so here are a few of the best ideas for you to think about.

Ultimate wedding transport – The Big Red Bus!

Andrew has had the pleasure of shooting a few weddings which have featured a vintage Routemaster from The Big Red Bus – always a winner, and not just with the kids!

Wedding transport - The Red Bus, Edinburgh

Vintage wedding car hire or modern eco?

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway vehicle, vintage cars are always in style. There are lots of hire car companies so it’s worth shopping around and finding a beautiful car that means something to you.  Andrew and I had a beautiful white Citroen from the 1930s to take us from our ceremony at Linlithgow Palace to our reception at the top of the Royal Mile. It was perfect for us as our car at the time was a (slightly) more modern white Citroen!


Vintage wedding car hire

If you’re having a 21st century wedding, vintage cars might not fit your theme. There are plenty of modern alternatives though, one of my favourites are the all-electric white Tesla cars available from Ecosse EV. The very best in modern luxury and environmentally-friendly too!

Transport for wedding guests.

Why hire a plain old coach to ferry your guests around when they can travel with a bit more style? There are some beautiful vintage options around, often from unexpected sources, such as this Leyland Royal Tiger from Stagecoach.

Vintage Leyland Royal Tiger bus hire from Stagecoach.

If you want to get away from powered vehicles all together, McIndoe Horse Drawn Carriages have a range of carriages (and horses!) that are just the job for weddings. Or if horses aren’t your style and you don’t have a great distance to travel, you can always travel on foot – even barefoot if you’re having a beach wedding! Is there anything more romantic than walking away hand in hand as newlyweds?


Bride and groom walking away at a beach wedding

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