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As a follow-up to my other post on the 22nd February about my upcoming profile feature in the Scottish Wedding Directory,I posted the questionnaire they sent out so they could write a few words on me. Here is a transcript of the finished article:
“Andrew has been photographing since he was small. but it wasn’t until he was studying Higher art at college that he realised photography was his life’s calling. To add to his skills he later went to Glasgow School of Art, and since then he’s photographed music, fashion, famous people – and, of course, weddings!
Andrew takes a relaxed documentary-style approach to photography with very little intrusion “until we get to the portraits, when I try to make it fun!” he smiles.  “As for my style, the images are more classic than contemporary, I let the old romantic in me out for the bride and groom pictures to create a statement portrait they’ll be proud to show off!”

I always thought of myself as a bit more windswept and interesting to be honest!


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