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Christophe and Margaret – Fishers Hotel Pitlochry

My first wedding right off the back of an idyllic family holiday in Portpatrick. Portpatrick is a seaside town in Galloway by the way, not in Ireland, although it’s so close it might as well be. You can see Ireland over the sea on a clear day from Portpatrick harbour.  We all pile into the car in Edinburgh and a few hours later arrive at our destination. Our favourite little pit stop is at the wee beachside cafe just outside Grivan. Why the travelogue I hear you ask? This is worth mentioning because a mistake by the hire car company, I won’t mention any names – Thrifty – on the first day of the holiday left me fuming! They couldn’t deliver the Vaxhall Zafira that they had set aside as the family size car I’d requested and so they palmed me off with a brand new Jaguar XE – The nerve of some people!!

So setting off to Pitlochry in the Jag, climate control set just so and radio 4 on (anything else just didn’t seem appropriate somehow) was just a perfect set up for a great day’s photography. It would have been even more perfect if I’d had a propeller in the back seat (first prize to anyone who can tell me the reference).

Now, back to the rather quaint and charming Fishers Hotel in the gorgeous setting of Pitlochry. A little spot of rain on the red carpet couldn’t spoil the mood for the ceremony, then quickly nipping up to the Cuilc for photographs and then on to the very picturesque Atholl Palace Gardens for more portraits. Pitlochry is spoiled for choice of photogenic scenery!

At the end of the day though, it was a comfort to get back in the Jag and head for home!


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