Planning your wedding?

Who said rain on your wedding day was ironic? Let’s face it, Scotland isn’t always blessed with perfect wedding weather, so whether you’re getting married in July or January, it’s always wise to be prepared for a downpour! Andrew is experienced in taking photographs in all lighting conditions, indoor and out, so you don’t have to worry about your wedding photographs. You might want to keep yourselves and your guests warm and dry though. Here are my top tips for enjoying your wedding day whatever the weather.

Keep the rain at bay with brolly buckets.

Have some spare brollies available for your guests, especially if you’re planning some time outdoors. Even if you’re not, they can be useful for people getting out of cars or just popping outside to take a break from the dancing! You can even hire umbrellas to match your colour scheme.

Rain on your wedding day - hire umbrellas in case of a downpour

Wedding wellies.

You really don’t want that sinking feeling of your beautiful wedding heels disappearing into the mud as you walk over the grass to the perfect photo spot. Wedding wellies will get you there! There are some lovely designs available, and they’ll give your poor feet a rest whilst keeping them warm and dry. There’s a great guide on the Wonderful Wellies site here.

Blanket boxes.

Pick up a bunch of inexpensive fleece blankets at your local Scandi superstore beginning with “I” and ending in “A”, or for a more sustainable approach, hire some from Brolly Bucket (above).

A blanket box and brolly bucket keeps your wedding guests warm and dry

Wedding cover-ups.

There are some great ideas to keep you and your bridesmaids warm all year round, from fluffy wraps to customised leather jackets (my favourite!). To keep that Scottish feel, the Tartan blanket Company have wedding wraps that will match your other half’s kilt.


Fluffy wraps will keep the bride warm!

Whatever weather the day throws at you, your love will keep you warm, but these tips will make you and your guests more comfortable. After all, you don’t want to look like one giant goosebump or drowned rats! Just spare a thought for your poor wedding photographer, out there in all weathers to get you that perfect shot…


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