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Where do I start with this Edinburgh Wedding? A homemade, loosely themed, vintage Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatters Tea party vibe set in an old industrial building.
Still with me on this?
First a bit about the venue: Eskmills is a re-purposed Victorian rope factory in Musselburgh. The building where the ceremony and reception took place is an old fishing net factory.  It’s a stunning venue.
First thing from the day to greet you was Emma’s tea party sign showing you the way in. Inside it was simply decorated with hanging bunches of dried flowers and mismatched crockery on the tables. The ceremony was a warm affair with laughter, roses for the mothers and an attempt at a Mexican hug. Jars of frozen margarita were on hand for the guests after the ceremony, a refreshing treat on a hot day. Hugs and laughter followed and then onto the photography.
Getting a bit of height for the group shot can be a bit of a problem; on this occasion, standing on the bonnet of the car was the only option, so my (t)rusty Red Baron was pressed into service (my last car was called the Silver Hornet – you can see a theme emerging here). One of the other issues with a larger wedding is that standing for the formal portraits can be a bit of a chore for the newlyweds, especially when you want to get back in and have a laugh with friends. Roddy and Emma were up for it though, once the bridesmaids and ushers etc. were all assembled for the last line-up of the session all it took was for me to shout “FIGHT” – what a shot!
Roddy’s dad just happens to be singer/guitarist and bandleader with his band Bigtime, and was happily pressed into service for a catwalk-style introduction of the wedding party as a prelude to the speeches. Having had his speech carefully sabotaged throughout the day, two wedding guests were invited to participate in an improvised recreation of the bride and grooms first date – you had to be there!

Cutting the cake followed. I say cake, six wheels of cheese stacked one on top of each other. Served after the main course as the cheese platter – great idea but really difficult to cut.

More guests started arriving after the meal for much music and dancing courtesy of Bigtime. I always leave when it starts getting messy! Some things are best left without photographic evidence…


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